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Where students from all backgrounds learn, discover, and thrive together

Founded in 1997, the UU World of Children is a Montessori inspired school and child development center with a mission to affordably and to accessibly provide the highest quality education and childcare for families from diverse ethnic, socio-economic, and family backgrounds. With a primary focus on Montessori education, the UUWoC is unparalleled in the Greenville community because we also offer early and after care as part of the program. Our program is the only Montessori School in Greenville that provides these two crucial aspects of a full educational experience by combining a full day, year-round program with a vibrant Montessori school. The UUWoC meets its social mission every day as students from all backgrounds learn, discover, and thrive together.

What is special about UUWoC

Vision & Mission Statements

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, high quality education and childcare services to children from diverse ethnic, socio-economic and family backgrounds.

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    We are a Montessori inspired school focusing on social and cognitive development through individual and group activities, with emphasis on self-direction, independence and responsibility.

    We also believe in the benefits of educating children in outdoor environments. Nature offers infinite ways to support a child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Spending time outdoors creates incredible learning opportunities for children.

    We are also a child care center offering wrap-around care for children of working parents.

    • Children from different socio-economic backgrounds work and play together every day.
    • Children from different kinds of families learn and grow together.
    • Children and teachers of different cultural backgrounds, each experience the beauty of their own heritage.
    • Children from different religions and belief systems learn the meaning of compassion, with no religious instruction attached.
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    Educational Philosophy

    The educational philosophy of the UU World of Children is the development of human potential. Each child is treated as an individual; with freedom of choice and activity.
    But freedom comes with limits--

    without self-discipline and consideration for others it is not freedom.

    Adults are aids to learning; not dispensers of knowledge. They provide and maintain the learning environment. Learning takes place using all five senses – the materials are often self-correcting. The increased interaction between children, and mixed ages in a classroom allow children to learn social and leadership skills from each other. Children learn how to ask for help in a positive, polite manner, and are encouraged to exchange information and ideas with adults and each other. Learning happens because children love to learn. Doing one’s best is more important than outdoing someone else. The use of Montessori materials help the child develop organizational skills and responsibility. Children move with purpose through independent use of the materials as well as choice of workspace. Group activities, including games and music, help develop large muscle control and self-control. A feeling of self-worth comes from increasing independence and pride in achievement. If this is developed early in life, the need for artificial rewards later on will be lessened.

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Montessori Education

Maria Montessori was born in Italy on August 31, 1870. She was a physician and educator. Her educational method, which is still in use today in many public and private schools throughout the world, is a method of education based on hands-on learning, self-directed activity, and play in a collaborative environment. In a Montessori classroom, children engage and facilitate their learning with creative choices. The classroom culture and highly trained teacher(s) offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process.

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Maria Montessori or the Montessori Method of Education

We are dedicated to the care and education

Our Educational Program

The school serves children 3-6. UUWOC admits applicants without regard to race, creed, gender or economic status.


The school is a DSS licensed childcare facility and has an ABC level B+ rating. The lead teachers are Montessori trained and certified.

Enrollment: 12 month calendar, Mon - Fri

Academic Year Hours: 7:00 am - 5:30 pm

Summer Month Hours: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Primary 3-6 Years Old